Single sessions

60 minutes


120 minutes

$140 -170

90 minutes


Please note: The number of lessons required depends on your skill level.  If you’re a beginner or have a number of areas you need to work on, a 5 or 10 pack is usually recommended and is more cost effective.  Otherwise you can select a number of 60 or 120 minute lessons to suite you. 


5 Pack


10 Pack


Practice test + lesson


Book your lessons to suite your schedule.  It is recommended to book one hour initially.  This allows us to gauge your skill level and make plans for subsequent sessions.  One hour goes by fairly quickly.   Therefore, after your first lesson, 90 or 120 minutes lessons are recommended to help engrain good driving habits and build up your confidence.

Test Package

Driving test


Please note: For your best chance to pass your driving test, we recommend you only book this after going through our course.   


The Graduation system in Victoria requires a new driver to have 120 hours of supervised driving.  It usually takes a year to attain the level of a skilled & competent driver.  This depends on how much you practice and the number of lessons you do.

Due to safety and insurance reasons we conduct driving lessons in our dual-controlled vehicles.  This allows us to intervene should a potentially dangerous situation occur. 

Minimum 1 per week to keep your skills up to date and to progress.  However you will need to keep driving under the supervision of a fully licenced driver (friends, family member, etc).  You should be putting what you’ve learnt during our lessons into practice. If you are unable to practice on your own or with someone else two lessons a week are recommended.

Have your current learner’s permit or overseas licence with you. 

Arrive about 5-10 minutes ahead of time. 

If you have an early morning lesson ensure you are well rested and alert ready to learn.

Fill in the appropriate enrolment forms and send them back to the office via email with receipt of payment as soon as possible.

With structured driving lessons, proper guidance & instructions, frequent practice, the test is fairly straight forward.

We tailor lessons to you and help you gain confidence in areas where you need improvement.  

When you feel confident you can do a practice test with us, where we’ll take you around VIC Roads testing areas under strict test conditions.

This will give you a real feel of what it’s like and how you handle the nerves.

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